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Skye is Aisha's main OC and most used by her. He rules over the monochromes but is very powerful throughout the world. He as well is not the most powerful and has his enemies as well. The two most important people to skye, also being bassically the only people that skye cares about are Sammy Ann and Hier, these people are Skye's weak spot because he murdered his own family he uses Sammy Ann and Hier to replace those people and try and forget about the horrible crime her committed.

Leader of the Other World, Headmaster of the MC Academy. It also varies between torturing people and reading bedtime stories to Sammy Ann.


Skye's as cold as steel kept in a freezer for ten years. If he smiles or laughs, there's definitely something sinister behind it. He does care for his students to learn and get stronger, only on the selfish thought that they'll be of more use to him.He also cares for keeping his cities and followers happy and strong as he believes it reflects upon him as a dictator leader. It's very easy to tick him off, but if you can win a bet or wager against him he'll calm down and respect you... for the next five minutes. He can be sarcastic, crude, and cunning, or really over all just an asshole.

If you get on his good side, by god that's an accomplishment. Or when you THINK you're on his good side, you've probably just become one of his play things

A Brief History about SkyeEdit

Due to an unfortunate...incident early in Skye's childhood, he was transformed into a gruesome shadowy tar-like monster with a twisted perception of himself, reality, others, and love. Because of this, Skye technically isn't living. He doesn't eat, sleep, or breathe and lacks internal organs. Skye is, in fact, an animated mass of shadows. He ended up killing his four brothers and mother, and has no real memory of his father. Skye went off and joined the monochromatic gang *as he himself was a true MC demon before his "rebirth" as a monster*

Shortly after joining, Skye killed off the 96 gang members he didn't perceive as worthy to serve him. He left Hier, Jester, and Roan to help him on his goal of world conquest. Several years later and after saving his home world from a near apocalyptic fate, Skye built his empire from the ashes of the Other World and pretty much brainwashed people to follow him and praise him.

500 years after his rebirth, he's opened an academy to train his Monochromatic brethren to be stronger. faster. smarter. and more able to serve him.
Devil within



Night time, ruling over his land and newly founded academy, having complete and total power, bossing others around, and Chai tea. And if you ever ask him if he likes waffles, there's a good chance he'll go berserk and smack-a-bitch. Also has a weak spot for making bets.


Om nom nom


Sunlight, or daytime in general, any color under the spectrum, being told what to do, riots against him, disobedient students ,and apparently vacuums as well.