Sammmy Ann

Sammy Ann


Her full name is Samantha Ann Carter. Skye burnt her home town to the ground when the elders refused to abide by his policies and stated they would rather die than follow him -- and well, Skye put their will to the test. Most of the residents were killed or captured and put to work for his empire. Upon Skye's personal sweep of the destruction to make sure the job was done to his satisfaction, he ran across little Samantha, one of the few survivors. Much in the way he brainwashed roan into making him think that Skye was his "big brother", Skye took advantage of the girl's traumatized state and told her that a deadly forest fire had raged and eventually tore down her town, and that he and his relief team came to help anyone left. He told her that she was the only one. Scared but equally thankful, the little girl promised her devotion to the demon lord and said she would do anything to serve him. Since then, Skye's been personally training her to be one of his high ranked assassins along with the twins Neopolitan and Neopolia. She possess an unnatural strength, already being able to lift three times her weight. regardless, she's a very sweet little demon.

Over time, Skye starts to think of Sammy Ann less of as a mindless pawn to be manipulated and more of as a beloved daughter and trusted heiress, even if Skye would never admit this. Skye spends a lot of time with Sammy Ann, frequently spoiling her with sweets and acting as a father to her. Sammy Ann is also fond of Heir Blanche, who serves a mentor to Sammy Ann in her studies making sure ti teach her manners, and Roan, whom she has a crush on.
Sammy Annnn
Sammy Ann