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Name: Rai Williams

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Rank: Ace of Diamonds

Weapon of Choice: Chinese Martial Arts, Pike

Rai is Black Jack’s half brother, born in an illegitimate meeting between Jack’s father, an unaltered business man who worked in foreign relations, and a Chinese prostitute who had been affected with the rabbit genetic alteration. While Pearson City closed off its borders to prevent the spread of the genetic mutation, the lucky few altered citizens who managed to get out and leave to foreign countries began the global infection.

Though Rai’s mom was pressured into abortion so she could keep working, she escaped to a Buddhist temple in which the monks, indifferent to the mother’s appearance and occupation, took her and her unborn son into their care. When Rai was born, his mother left in fear of the shame she would bring him, leaving the monks to raise Rai as, almost, one of their own,

Rai was raised and trained under the same strict guidelines of the monks, imbuing in him a strong moral code of conduct, mannerisms, and extreme physical discipline. With nothing but the small bit of information that his father came from Pearson City and the surname “Williams” to guide him, Rai set off to America in search of his family, or at least, his father.

He never found his biological father, but what he did find was not what he expected: His older half-brother in the midst of a rebellion against the altered-human oppressing government. Jack was absolutely thrilled over the union of he and his little brother, but Rai really couldn’t believe he was related to someone as rash and compulsive as Black Jack. Regardless, he was the only family he knew, and Rai stuck together with Jack in the BJBB.

Rai since has been put in charge of the Diamonds, and being under his command he expects the same discipline and code that he was raised with of his subordinates. He’s stern, but cares very much for the safety of Jack, Cotton, and Clover. He often acts as the voice of reason for Black Jack, and acts more like the older, protective brother between the two.