Neko & her sister Kaikii

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Neko was one of the first two beings created by Averus, the other being Kaikii. The three of them were responsible for the creation of the World of the Sleep, the Seasons Plane, and the Other World. Afterwards, Neko became one 12 Higher Beings, responsible for maintaining a balance of good and evil in the Miniverse. While Neko upheld this responsibiliy for awhile, she, with Charlemagne, eventually went rogue, causing many cataclysmic disasters that threatened to destroy the balance of the Miniverse. Averus, though reluctant to do so as he considered Neko his own daughter, revoked Neko's position as a Higher Being and banished her from the Celestian Highs, along with Charlemagne. To the bowells of the Monochrome Clock Lock Works where she and her brother would roam for the rest of eternity never seeing eachother or another human being again.

Neko used to have long hair and wings, but her hair was cut short and wings torn out upon her banishment from the Celestian Highs.

Later, Neko would be responsible for the disappearance of Kasuris, the insanity of Cynthia, and creation of Skye's disturbed mind and new taux (a tar-like substance) body.

Random fact, Neko was the one that Averus chose to give the growing tatoo to as you can see on the top right picture, but since her banishment it was stopped growing
Neko ii