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Various characters from various parts of the miniverse

The miniverse is the world that Aishaneko created for her characters. The worlds within these realms are The Monochrome Clockworks, Reality, Celestrian Heights, and The Season's Plane, among others.

Monochrome ClockworksEdit

The Monochrome clockworks was created as a sort of space for Averus. It's an infinite white space that's filled with cogs and wheels which create a white noise to him.

The Bowls of the Monochrome Clockworks, basically the same thing except filled with monitors, wires, unidentifiable white things and failed creations, lie underneath the Monochrome Clockworks and are accessed via a special gate. The monitors often rotate between white noise and nonsensical things.

Charlemagne and Neko are eventually sentenced to the Bowels of the Monochrome clockworks for penance. Also inside the Bowels, is Skye's second form doppleganger.


Reality is home to many, many plotlines, including Black Jack's Bunny Brigade, Ethan Erickson's plotline, and Happy Hospital, Chester's plotline and Lucien's plotline.

The theory is that these stories, all placed in the United States of America, all occur in different versions of Reality, in seperate demensions.

Dream FactoryEdit

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The Dream Factory is responsible for evening out the flow of good and bad dreams throughout the miniverse. The current head of the Dream Factory in Vance Amane, having inheirited it from his now deceased father.

The Other WorldEdit

Home of the Monochromatics. This world is ruled by Skye. The inhabitants believe he is a benevelont ruler, but he has less than good intentions for the kingdom. This world is completey black and white, and the inhabitants are allergic to color and light.

Celestian HighsEdit

Main article: Celestian Highs

The miniverse equivalent to Heaven.

The Season's PlaneEdit

One of the lesser known worlds of the Miniverse. It's ruled by the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter rulers.