Kaige lives in the depths of Paradise, the world of dreams, in a sectioned off portion known as the Nightmare Realm. Essentially it is one big prison of a decaying forest filled with the terrors of bad dreams that haunt people’s minds. It’s supposedly inescapable, but one entity known as Melanthios broke out and reigned terror over Paradise — Boogie says he escaped with him, but returned due to being “homesick”.

No one knows how long Boogie’s been in the Nightmare Realm, but nobody can not, not remember him being there either, so the denizen’s have all figured he must be one of the first nightmares to be created and treat him as sort of a king.

The title isn’t just all talk and no bite. Kaige works as a Bogeyman, one of the more powerful levels of nightmares. His skin is a canvas-like material that holds in it what he refers to as nightmare fuel — a gooey substance that can manifest itself into whatever the dreamer’s greatest fears are. He enters through a sleeping person’s dreams and quickly turns them into ones of malice, using the dreamer’s fear to fuel the Nightmare Realm and create more citizens. 

Boogie’s personality is pretty off-the-wall. The more fear and the more intense he can cause it to be in a dreamer, the more energy it gives him, feeding a feverish high he never seems to come down from. He’s easily provoked but levels out fairly quickly if the one who’s ticked him off promptly apologizes with a hearty load of sucking up to.

Also, to release the nightmare fuel, Kaige has to cut himself open — leading him to sew himself back together afterwards. it’s not his strongest talent and the seams often bust open and ooze out. 

Fun note —Skye and him have a friendly rivalry, with Skye often dropping by his world to see whose empire is better.
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