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Jester was one of the 99 monochromatic demons who worked under Kasuris, the group remaining operational even after its leader's disappearance. Skye eventually joined that group and, not liking the way the group was run and thinking he could do a better job, attempted to take over. The following confrontation ended in the deaths of everyone except Skye and 3 of the 99 who had decided to side with Skye, Heir, Jester, and Roan. Jester would assist Skye during and after his ascension to power in the Other World, acting for Skye as a general, bodygaurd, and assassin among other things.

Jester has a violent personality and tends to resort to bloody violence to solve tricky situations. This, combined with his tendency for jokes, pranks, and other generally silly/stupid things, gives him a rather unsettling personality. He is a deliquent, younger brother to Skye realtionship wise and acts as a older brother to Roan, often sparring with him during training.

He is similar to Skye's late
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Jester's new look

brother Keith, which explains
  • Jester with his 4 spider-like legs
  • He really is....
  • View of his back with spider-like legs
  • 1...2...3...
  • Jester with his lover Halo ❤
  • Jester
somewhat why he gets along with Skye so well.


In all honesty, Jester's pretty stupid. He tries to act smarter than he is and fails miserably. He thinks everything, including life, is a joke — to which he got his nickname Jester back when he was in the original MC gang, before young Skye came along. More often than not, he ticks Skye off or annoys him severely. The only reason this boy is still around is because the one thing he CAN do is fight. That dude is a crazy fighting machine! Regardless of his reckless ways, Skye trusts him as his back up in a fight. He’s versed in hand to hand and kickboxing is very close to his preferred fighting style. He's well balanced in speed and strength and knows practically every tactic in the book. Jester owes this to the fact that he, and I quote, "is a boss at everything." But he is the most. stupid. senseless. thing ever. Jester also likes to stretch the truth.


Jester was one of the original MCs in the gang that were sparred by Skye. Before then he used to do grunt work for the gang and was a mother's worst nightmare. They'd scare their children from going outside by telling them that Jester would snatch their souls and gobble them up. In all honesty, he would, if he wanted a late night snack.

Now he's Skye's right-hand-man, even if he does tick him off from time to time, because he's quite reliable when it comes to getting certain jobs done.

His back spider-esque legsEdit

He doesn't use them often since extending them all out literally rips his back off. The only time jester will resort to using these is if he’s losing a major fight — those spidey legs have hinge like joints, allowing them to swing back and forth to be used to help him climb away to safety or add essentially 4 more arms to help him fight. But no seriously, his whole friggin back blows out. He’s got like ten minutes tops to flee or finish the fight before that dude bleeds out.

Those spider legs are more of a nuisance than an advantage, in all honesty. He was born with three tails as well, which is just an annoyance too, getting all tangled at the worst times. Kid's got some terrible genetics from his parents, but he’s worked through them.