Dream factory

Vance Amane and the Dream Factory

The Dream Factory is a location within Rashia responsible for the creation of the dreams, good and bad, of all inhabitants of the Miniverse. Vance Amane is the current head of the Dream  Factory, having inheriting from his now deceased father.   

At one point in Skye’s history, he tried to take over Vance’s dream factory to start implementing subliminal messages in the dreams of everyone in both reality and imagination to accept him as a ruler haha. It was back when he was first setting up his reign over the other world and was sort of dumb and just power-hungry. He quickly realized that this would probably offset the good-bad dream ratio, in which Boogie (also known by his real name Kaige, the king of nightmares in the dream realm of Imagination) would probably come up and kick Skye’s ass. While the good-bad dream ratio would be offset in Boogie’s favor, he knows the importance of keeping things balanced.  

So Skye backed off, but he’s always trying to find some way to use Vance’s factory towards his own goals.

Vance Dream Factory