Doppelganger in BotMCW

BotMCW dimension within the Miniverse that revolves around the Monochromatic Clock- was created as Averus’ personal space- it’s pretty much a white, infinite expanse of space with cogs and wheels that constantly whirl and groan that creates a relaxing white noise to him. Beneath that, via a special gate, is the BOtMCW.

The BOtMCW is essentially a clone of the Monochrome clock works, but with extra added features of piles of white, unidentifiable junk, boxes, wires, monitors, and floating, half constructed buildings that are home to creatures made as by-products of Averus’ creations. It’s kind of the place of rejected things. The monitors often cycle through periods of visual noise, nonsensical say


Piles of white, unidentifiable junk, boxes, wires, and monitors with cogs and wheels in the back.

ings, or accusations about whoever is reading them. It goes on forever and ever, but because of the very repetitive land marks, it feels like youre walking around in agonizing circles.